25 July 2016

Opinion: Room 101

On July 11 Ibrahim Omar of Al-Jazeera became the 101st journalist to be killed in the Syrian Civil War.

The absence of reporting this milestone demonstrates the apathy that grips the western media concerning the now five-year-old Syrian Civil War.

"What?" Journalists reporting on journalists, whatever next," you say. Well, contrary to popular belief, it transpires that journalists are actually human too. 

It is not industry narcissism to report on our sisters and brothers killed in the line of fire. It is the simple human skill of concern. Something we too often forget as the news rolls on to its next subject.

As Kabul, Nice, Munich and Turkey have rocketed up the news charts, we have all been guilty of forgetting little Syria. 

Let's not just remember our fellow journalists, but the cause for which they lost their lives:

Syria. Remember Syria.

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