25 July 2016

Opinion: Pakistan Journalists Threatened With Acid Attacks Over Their Stories

Acid attacks are surely one of the worst things you can do to a person. Combine that with restricting their freedom of speech, and you have created an awful environment. In the wake of social media star Qandeel Baloch's death, reports are highlighting the abuse that women journalists in Pakistan are facing everyday.

There are some news that make my blood boil, and others that make my stomach turn, but this one does both. The lack of freedom of speech is so backwards and unfair in a world that is supposedly constantly moving forward and becoming more accepting. What really disgusts me is a quote from one of the journalists being threatened. She was called up by a man she didn't know, and he said this;
'You report on acid attacks for women. Let's give you a first hand taste of what it's like.'

Just reading those words makes me want to grab that woman and pull her out of Pakistan and away from that horrific man. In truth though, the journalists' response is far more heroic than mine; she is not moving or running. She is not backing down or censoring what she says or writes about. She is staying where she is and saying what she thinks needs to be heard. I admire each and every one of them facing danger every single day. They have been refused basic freedoms and rights, but still they stand steady. If I were ever caught in such a situation, I doubt I would be as outstanding as they are being. I have nothing but respect for those ladies, and I hope you do too.

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