29 July 2016

Move The Story Forward... or try to at least.

Week three is almost over and we're now starting to create content for our B2B magazine 'Prime Opportunities'. To cut a long story short, the magazine isn't focused on what the 50+ market is doing. We want to know what companies are doing for them. That's the difference. It kinda makes it hard to "move the story forward" as Roberta says to us but hey its all a learning curve.

I've already contacted people in America and Sydney to ask for further information on their services for the 50+ market. They didn't really give me anything to work with but it was nice to make international phone calls knowing I didn't have to foot the bill. Ooo maybe I should see how my cousins in Florida are doing?

Also, I just want to say that the 25p coffee machine is ruining my life.

Actual footage of me every.single.morning

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