25 July 2016

Magazine Journalism drinking game

Wondering what it's like to be on the Magazine Journalism course? It's pretty difficult to talk about the experience without tearing up or your eyes glazing over mid-sentence because you're so exhausted.

You're going to be spending a lot of evenings at your house, but staying in is the new going out.


The PMA@ The Press Association Magazine Journalism Course Drinking Game!!!! (Catchy, right).


1) Do a shot every time:

  • Roberta says "Move the story forward!"
  • You hear the words, "So what?/ What's the news?"
  • Roberta looks at you like you've said the stupidest thing ever. Extra shot if this is accompanied by a "NOOOOOOOO!"
  • You get another re-sub back. Extra shots for every one that's your fifth attempt or over.

2) A friend drinks when:

  • You finish each others...sandwiches. Because you are spending 11 hours a day, 6 days a week in a dark basement together.
  • You ask to see their Casepost article because you will die if you have to write it again.
  • They spot you in the same outfit two days running. Be honest and drink with them if you turned yesterdays underwear inside out that day.

3) Down your drink if:

  • The Italian coffee places gives you a free pastry because they can't believe you are there every. single. day.
  • You find yourself wondering why you paid £4000 to eat Pizza Hut every evening because all you have in your fridge is one tomato and a stick of butter. 
  • You hate Prime Opportunities and consequently all old people. You never want to see your grandmother again.

Happy drinking everyone!

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