20 July 2016

English Lit graduate, quite tired

It's Day Nine in the Press Association House and I'm tired. Very tired. There was a time where I would sleep for eight or nine hours every night. That was a long time ago. Every morning now is a 6.30am start, except for that one time where I overslept by an hour and only had time for one breakfast.

Nevertheless, it's been brilliant so far, except for the 2pm post-lunch crash that happens every day. Today was intense, with nine out of 11 hours being spend in front of the Mac screen editing videos. We had two minutes at the end to find and download some music to put at the start of our finished products, so naturally I panicked and chose a cheery ukelele tune that clashed horrendously with the multiple shots of bins that followed. Never mind.

Here's a picture of me shootin' a vid:

So professional

And here's a picture of Rory James McInnes-Gibbons drinking from his princess cup while I cook his dinner for the third time this week:

He also spilt yoghurt over his t-shirt this evening

It has been a brilliant week and a half so far, and although I've been a bit too stressed a couple of times, it's an impressively fast learning process and I feel like I've learnt more with a £4,080 fee and a nine-day stretch than I did, with a total crippling debt of around £50,000, in my three years at university. Although, to be fair, I only had three contact hours a week, being an English Lit student. This journalism course is basically the entirety of my degree journalismed up and condensed into nine weeks.

And with that, I think I'll end it there.

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