25 July 2016

Christabel Milbanke interview's entrepreneur and TV personality Alex Proud

CHRISTABEL MILBANKE 's Q&A interview with entrepreneur and TV personality ALEX PROUD

What's up in your world right now?

I am in pain, I put my back out whilst walking to the dentist. Cosmic Karma or what? Oh and I have just re-opened a stately home called Stanmer House in Brighton.
You write a regular column for Telegraph Men. Can you describe your typical Telegraph man? No. I think the idea was that I would bring a new readership to the paper. I am the only liberal in the village.
You started Proud, gallery by day, club by night.  Do you think people's relationship with art has changed? Only in that it has gone full circle. I think we are more familiar with art, as was once the case in Georgian or Victorian Britain. But the truth is that when times are difficult it is hard to care as much. We need to remember that a quiet visit to a gallery can make Brexit seem a little more bearable.
Obviously your business is eponymously named. How has your surname defined or affected you and your life? Love the question. Utterly obvious and no one has ever asked it. Including me. And I am stumped. Perhaps it has. Am I that shallow?
You are known to many as a collector on Channel 4's Four Rooms. Name your most precious acquisitions. One. The world’s first passport. I love it. Locked in a safe. And utterly amazing.

How does the future look for our technology obsessed species? Pretty bad right now. Isis. Brexit. Decline of the west. Decline of the USA. Decline of Europe. Will it affect us or our kids that much? Perhaps not. But I do worry that something very bad is bubbling.
Dream app? To remove my phone from my life?
Routines you can't live without? Reading in the sun. Reading at bedtime with my kids, all in one big bed. Tea when stressed. Walking at lunchtime. Remembering to love life.
Top tips for success? Work hard. Learn what you don’t know. Use every contact and friend you have. Admit when you are wrong.

What's next for Alex Proud? Wake up tomorrow alive and happy. Repeat. Remember Kipling... treat success and failure as equal imposters…

Christabel Milbanke is a journalist -> www.milbankemedia.com

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