25 January 2016

And then there were five ...

By all accounts our time at the Press Association – all three weeks of it – has been exceptional. First, the obvious: there should be twelve of us, but there are five.

Having watched Sarah Phelp's Agatha Christie adaptation And Then There Were None over the Christmas break – shoutout Aidan Turner – I've resisted a strong urge to raid all the cabinets for those creepy green figurines and start pointing fingers.

Where are the bodies, Roberta?
But no, murder is rarely the answer to life's wee mysteries. Best of luck to our would-be course mates on their next steps, hopefully above ground. 

Second on the 'exceptional' list was the printer's existential breakdown (the IT guy says it doesn't know where it is, bless). This has triggered a series of technological malfunctions which I'm inclined to think are a klaxon for the end of days. But Hannah has promised to elaborate in a future blog, so I'll leave the full details to her ... 

Thirdly, we've been dropping like flies. If we didn't know each other before January, we now share pretty much everything, including lurgies. Hopefully we can all cling on until March – knowing my feeble immune system, that might not be so easy. 

Drowning in a sea of resubs
But it's not all bad news, by any means. We're enjoying the many *exceptional* perks of being a tiny group, which include actually having some semblance of a weekend (Hal-le-loo), getting more one-on-one time with the tutors (nerd alert) and not competing for the same kind of jobs, thank god. 

I'm also optimistic we can be the exceptional PA grads that do exceptionally well. No exceptions.

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