11 September 2015

We made it!

We're finished! Today is graduation day, and I haven't felt this happy and relieved in a long time.

I think the genius of Robert Smith best describes the ups and downs of this week:

I don't care if Monday's black (sorting out my chaotic workbook and research folders)Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack (exams in media law, grammar and proofreading)
Thursday, never looking back (hours of shorthand speed tests, interrupted by a fire alarm) 
It's Friday I'm in love (the website went live and we all passed!!)

It's been a hell of a journey. Stressful, exhausting but completely worth it. 

My plan for next week

1. Recover from the inevitable weekend hangover!

2. Eat well!

No more daily diets of croissant, chips, pizza

3. Sleep well!

No more 5 hour sleeps

4. Socialise!

Actually see my family and friends (outside of the lovely Prime Opportunities gang)

5. Exercise!

If I can remember what that is...

6. Find a job!

Fingers crossed!

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