08 September 2015

Ways to deal with independent learning

There comes a point in everyone's life where they have to deal with things on their own. It's a natural part of growing up - not being spoon fed information, or given specific hours in the day in which to revise or complete a task.

At a certain point, you learn how to juggle. Work and life, deadlines and personal issues, wanting to eat a Burger King over eating a salad. It's about prioritising, nailing things down and, when it comes to the nitty gritty, getting your head down and working hard.

So far, this week, we've been experiencing a strange absence of scheduled lessons and our morning shorthand routine (we miss you too, Richard), and have been trying to pull together resubs, last-minute bits of work and much-needed revision for our several exams.

Not having a routine is weird. We've already been out of the office for two weeks, so not being able to fall back into what we know so well is difficult. 

As it transpires, we all have very different ways of dealing with the issue of having hours to fill and zero motivation. I hope they help you as much as they've helped us.

1) Highlight EVERYTHING

When in doubt while reading through notes and prepping for exams, highlight the crap out of absolutely everything. The more colours, the better. Highlight key numbers, your name, the date - make it look attractive and like you've spent a lot of time on it.

2) Pace up and down and eat Haribo

If you're trying to force facts to go into your brain, getting up and moving around can help. Walk around the room talking to yourself and eating Haribo out of two big packets on the table. Reward yourself whenever you remember a fact. Key point: buy two bags of different Haribo to mix it up a little.

3) Write out flashcards

The flashier, the better. We are a flashcard-loving group. Make as many notes on those cards as you can and then shuffle them around like a pro poker player, looking really cool as you do so and as though these things are genuinely helping you revise for media law.

4) Watch Fresh Prince videos on YouTube

When it all gets too much and you just need some time away from it all, plug in some headphones and disappear into the dangerous world of YouTube compilation clips. Just make sure the others know to come make sure you're still alive if you're there for more than an hour.

5) Just sleep in and forget the whole thing

A slightly more controversial tactic (cough, Oswin, cough) would be to just sleep in miss your final exam week all together. You've worked hard for 8 long weeks - now's the time to enjoy yourself. Relax, have a lie-in. Get your fellow PMAers to build a lifesize doll of you out of straw. Roberta will never know. 

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