23 July 2015

Return of the Jolly

Sometimes when you’re conducting interviews with random members of the public they not only go off topic; sometimes they tell you things you absolutely don’t want to hear.

Like Tim, a disgruntled journalist, who we asked to give us his opinion on contactless cards. Tim not only gave us that, he also advised us that there’s no money in journalism and we should cut our losses before we get in too deep.

Not exactly what you want to hear in your first week.

I’m pleased to say it’s been all uphill from there though and like everyone else I feel more and more like a professional journalist every day. 

So far I’ve learnt how creepy Facebook can be, the importance of developing a thick skin and how to avoid getting asked to leave when interviewing (I haven’t quite mastered this one yet. I’ve already been asked to move along quietly three times).

Apart from Tim, speaking to members of the public is so much fun, and if Tim’s pessimistic view of journalism isn’t the reality and we do manage to get a job after the course, I’ve been personally assured by Roberta that the ‘jolly’ (or serious assignment where people pay to present their information in a more intimate setting as it’s otherwise known) has returned since the financial crash.

So there’s something to look forward to while we’re busy getting our heads around shorthand.

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