28 July 2015

No you hang up

This week we did something we've all been putting off since starting the course. We picked up the phone and got talking people like real journalists.

Yes, it turns out those phones sitting next to our iMacs are fully functioning means of communication.

Getting in touch with the outside world may seem exciting when you've spent 11 straight hours in the training room with no natural light, but in practice it's pretty daunting.

There are several scenarios that run through your brain before you make that first call, the top three being:

  1. You'll forget your words and start talking rubbish (quite likely)
  2. The person at the other end will instantly foil you as a frightened trainee and hang up (not so likely)
  3. They'll agree to an interview and you'll actually have to speak to them (this happens more than you think)

Of course, the most probable outcome is that no one will answer, you'll be put through to voicemail and spend the next three days chasing them up as deadlines loom. And you thought waiting for your crush to text you back in school was bad.

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