16 July 2015


We did shorthand this morning.

We don't have shorthand tomorrow so I am glad.

Shorthand is another language in case you were wondering.

I read on the internet somewhere that immersion is the best way of learning a new language.
Roberta tells us that the internet isn't true. (Seriously. Apparently there are journalists that write wrong things and other journalists read the copy and use the same wrong things in their report it and it snowballs from there.)

But let's assume for a minute that the internet was true. You can't immerse yourself in a language that no one speaks, can you? Unless you find a country where they only read, write, text and send e-mail in shorthand.

Imagine if they could speak shorthand.

I wish to go to this country and do some research:

Hi. I'm a journalist from the Press Association.

Can I see your style guide?
What is your words-per-minute rate?
Is there a reason you don't like vowels?
Will you go home and practice speaking fast?

And, to the genius that invented shorthand:
Do you realise what you are doing to my life?

We are learning other stuff on the course. Stuff like how to ask good questions.

I will probably dream about shorthand tonight.

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