21 July 2015

Dear Roberta and Tony

We'd like to extend a big thank you for a really productive and interesting first week at the Press Association. We've all picked up the pace a little and have bonded well as a group.

This is also a letter informing you that we won't be in tomorrow. In fact, we're not coming back. At all. The thing is, we've been brainstorming this magazine for the last few days and, well, we've got a corker. A great big steaming pile of brilliance, fun, excitement and innovation that is going to make us billionaires. That's right - billionaires. 

It's taken us a while to ponder over what exactly it is we want from this magazine. Is it trade? B2B? Consumer? All of the above? We've done a lot of research, thrown out headline suggestions and watched more videos of old men surfing than should ever be viewed in a lifetime. We've searched for amazing individuals, product launches, package holidays and a few things that might mean our computers are now being closely monitored by the CIA. And, after many hours, we've hit the proverbial nail on the head. 

What we've got is a magazine that has never existed before. It's B2B but human, trade but personable. It's a magazine for the people. It's interesting and aspirational and gives people an insight into retirement that's never been collected in one place and in such a diverse and interesting way. 

Darshan has given us all the social media skills we need to make this work. We're all over Google analytics like an SEO professional on a key word, our Twitter lists are on the go and we've got a Facebook plan to target their fastest growing demographic. The ball is rolling.

So, from tomorrow, if you do need to get in touch, you'll be able to find us located in our new offices down the road aka the Pret on the corner (Floor 1, second sofa from the left). Of course, we'll credit you in the first edition as being the people who sparked off something beautiful. After all, you took us in as journalists and turned us into entrepreneurs. We'll be forever grateful.


Your PMA 2015 students 

"I thought about it because I was watching Britain's Got Talent and someone was singing Titanium. I thought, ooh, 'ricochet' - that's an interesting word. How would I write it in shorthand?" - Richard 


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  1. Dear PMA Students 2015

    I am delighted you are already on the way to being billionaires. We have achieved many successes with our trainees over the years but this progress is prolific even by PMA/PA standards.

    I think you will find I am the only member of the training team who sits naturally within your target audience for the magazine. I am old and I would like to retire early.

    I wondered therefore whether you would consider me for a job at some stage in your new corporation? I can attend an interview anytime at your convenience at your new offices. (Mine's a latte.)


    Tony (Head of Press Association Training)


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