27 July 2015

Crowdfunders release Ferret to save journalism

The Ferret's crowdfunding page

A team of journalists needs writers for an investigative journalism project following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Backed by award winning journalists such as Billy Briggs and Rob Edwards, The Ferret is seeking people from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds to get involved. The team behind the project has already bypassed its original target of £3800 to fund it's first investigative story on fracking in Scotland. According to the Indiegogo funding page, future topics influenced by polling on social media will include: "the challenges faced by people seeking asylum in Scotland; cuts to the NHS, and other timely stories that need investigating.

How news is sourced may change

Those interested in ongoing investigations and eventual published content can become a 'supporter' of The Ferret for £3 a month, gaining access to:
  • Unlimited access to all of The Ferret's news stories
  • Unlimited access to exclusive background info, like full audio interviews, FOI documents and the full data behind the stories
  • A chance to influence the editorial process and discuss stories with our journalists in our supporter forum
  • Regular transparency reports on how The Ferret has spent your money
  • A chance to learn how investigative journalists put together great stories
This has potential to be a fantastic learning tool for trainee and practicing journalists, who can use the exclusive content to pen stories and compare them to the work of a professional.

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