02 March 2015

Placements, in conclusion

We dissected our various placement experiences this morning. Some had good stories to tell, others had strange ones. Here are some of the best (and worst) things that happened to us over the past two weeks:

1) I was given two weeks of data-entry to do when I arrived. I had an afternoon of serious worry and a teary phone conversation with my dad. But all was fine. The editor of Nursing Times swept in the following morning and rescued me. I ended up with more features than I could possibly write in the two weeks and the potential of finishing them freelance. Hurrah!

2) Alice had a trip to Duck and Waffle, Rob had breakfast at Claridges, Emily C had one glass of fizz at her desk (and felt the effects) and every Friday we had office chocolate. Winning.

3) Hermia was told that she 'must feel intimidated' because she didn't go to Oxbridge. Ridiculous. That would have been my cue to leave, but she's a bigger (and much cleverer) person than I am.

4) Adam and Rob went to events about buildings together... BIG NEWS

5) We all successfully identified CHURNALISM when we were asked to it and for this, we all get gold stars.

By Emily Hardy

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