02 March 2015

Something has changed within me. Something is not the same.

My last blog post had to have a title that reflected my overall feelings having finished the course. Rather than just pick a standard Taylor lyric about how things are over (there are many I could have picked), I went for this line from Defying Gravity from Wicked because, well... I guess that's what we have to do now -"close our eyes and leap" into the big bad world of journalism.

Placement is over and we are now about to spend a few days stressing out over exams. We've just spent an entire day sorting out folders, getting everything finished and signed off all while trying to cram in as much law revision as possible. To say that I'm stressed about the coming days is an understatement. In fact, the stress is alleviated only slightly by my passing 50 words per minute in shorthand earlier today but as it took me around ten attempts, it does little to ease the worry about the final test.

As I write this, only one of us out of the 12 has a job to go onto. Chudy was very clever and managed to land herself a job and some of us have internships/possible freelance work. As for me, there is nothing concrete but I have had periods of unemployment and uncertainty in my life and while I don't want another one, I guess it was inevitable.

I can't believe how much I've learnt in the last 9 weeks. Who knew that I've spent 24 years of life not knowing what a news story is really made up of or how to properly use "practice" over "practise"? I've also learnt that I can actually function in a magazine environment and for the first time in forever (I dare you not to break out into Frozen's arguably best song), I finally feel that I can do journalist things! I can use a phone, I can write well-structured features, I can sub-edit reasonably well and I coped while on placement.

But I think the best thing that I will take away from the course is 11 friends who have made me laugh hysterically, offered support when I've been down and taught me that being obsessed with Taylor Swift isn't just for 12-year-olds.

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