02 March 2015

Review of my placement!

Hi guys,

Placement is over, we're back at PA and are getting our sh*t together by sorting our work folders and revising for our exams.

As a short respite from the pain of absorbing as much media law revision as I can before tomorrow's exam, I'm gonna briefly go over what the past few weeks have been like for me:

Day 1: Meetings and conferences. No office work for me. Just a day spent reading up on the magazine and its style guide.

Day 2: I finally met the editorial team and sank my teeth into a load of news stories

Day 3: i was invited to go and meet Richard Blakeway, deputy mayor for housing! Short hand was used (sparingly) and I handled my first embargoed document (exciting).

Day 4: I finish two of my longer news stories and tried to prove my worth by remembering everybody's names, making the brews and PICKING UP THE PHONE.

Day 5: FEATURE DAY! I arranged a profile interview with an emerging industry figure. Cool.

Day 6: Busy. Busy. Busy. Magazine goes to press on Tuesday so Monday is our "get yourself together" day.

Day 7: Report launch. Sounds like a drag but it's a great way of networking, meeting professionals and getting a free breakfast!

Day 8: WRITE UP FEATURE FROM REPORT LAUNCH: Loved writing the piece as I had already acquired five or six great interviews with the guys I wanted to quote. BREAKFAST CLUB. Our magazine held a monthly event at CLARIDGE'S, which involved networking with industry folk, meeting new people and eating the best food that the hotel has to offer (for free).

Day 9: Finished all three of my features and began to focus subbing, style and news.

Day 10: News stories and saying goodbye to the loverly folk at Construction News and EMAP.

It went by so quickly, but I had a great time. The hours were very humane and I had the chance to get out of the office a fair few times. I'd recommend anyone looking for a job to check out EMAP as they always have loads of opportunities for emerging journalists and their offices are brilliant!


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