02 March 2015

Relationships: When the PMA becomes your boyfriend.

One of the most challenging aspects of the course, for me, has been adjusting the balance between social life and work life.
I say adjusting the balance, but what I really mean is deleting social life altogether. 

And no, not because I'm an avid party-goer or anything like that. I'm just talking about having a chin-wag with my flatmates of an evening. Having a cuppa with my best friend or chatting to my sister about rubbish on a Sunday. 

It has been all-encompassing and, albeit it worthwhile, sacrifices really have been made along the way. I've missed the openings of my friend's plays (my best friend opened in Behind the Beautiful Forevers at the National a few weeks ago).  I've missed birthday parties and weddings. My flatmates and I have been reduced to 'passing ships.' I miss those lengthy conversations about loo roll, bunting and the Henry hoover. 

But trickiest of all has been making my relationship work, or in reality, holding it together. 'Work' is probably an overstatement. 
I've envied the single people on the course. And, although, I've been able to see my boyfriend a fair bit, I'm a shadow of the girl I was before. There have been weeks where my mind has been entirely consumed by a story or a feature. And we've really struggled. 

But, on the final week of the course, we seem to have had a break through and I've never been glader to not be going through it alone. For over two hours, on a sunny bench in Highgate park, my man tested me on the media law syllabus. We are both actors - it was kinda like line learning. When we got home, he invented shorthand passages to dictate to me. The hardest thing was not laughing mid-test. (Believe it or not, there's something ever so slightly sexy about shorthand - writing in code. No? Maybe that's just us.) He's also unbelievably good at thinking up headlines, so that has come in handy too. 

So, while there is no time to do other things or think about other things, I feel incredibly lucky to have had someone else onboard with me for the adventure. 

It's nearly over now. We'll have to find something else to talk about!

Emily Hardy

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