03 February 2015

vaguely wise words

As you're probably reading this as someone thinking about doing the course, I thought it was time to offer some tips so you can avoid doing all the silly things we've done. Maybe one day I'll be one of the PMAers Roberta gets in to prove people do survive and get jobs, but until then this is my opportunity to pass on some advice.

1. Already mentioned, but when you film your video GET B-ROLL. FILM EVERYTHING. Trust me on this one.

2. Please, please, please, do your filing as you go along. Don't just keep putting in your drawer vaguely thinking you'll sort it out later. Later will come, when Roberta announces the examiner is coming in for a little check of your work book. This will lead to you sitting on the floor surrounded by hundreds of pieces of paper, annoying anyone trying to reach the printer. If you're really lucky, other people on the course will come across you and helpfully chirp "Oh, I've been filing as I go. Mine's all in order." This will make you want to kill them which is bad for team morale.

Like this but without the promise of Hogwarts

3. Work out how you work best and do that. If you work best from home, great. If you need to be in the office till eleven, fine. Just find a way that works for you and do that.

4. If doing the course in the winter, eat insane amounts of vitamin c in the months leading up to January. Possibly invest in those weird face masks that stop you catching colds. We've had quite a few succumb to a vicious cold. If anyone sneezes, the other eleven give them filthy looks and quietly edge away to escape the germs. 

My brain is tired now and I have things to sub so the rest of my advice will have to wait for the magical day I come in and talk to current PMAers about how I now have a job and even see daylight on a regular basis. 


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