05 February 2015

Putin's Irradiated Nipples

Have you always harboured a horrible jealousy of creative friends with incredible Photoshop skills?  Then today's activities will have been of interest to you.

Now I'm not saying I'm a Photoshop expert after just one day of training. What I am saying is - if you need a photo of an angry bear transformed for the 21st century, I'm your guy.
Unfortunately, Hypnobear didn't survive me snapping back into the reality and getting on with actual work. So no such evidence exists. Perhaps the world wasn't ready for Hypnobear.

However, for sports fans I have the Honey Badger himself - Nick Cummins. But this time he's ready for his new role as the lead in the remake of Flash Gordon.

But for all my politicos out there, I have fixed a potential international crisis. I have given one-man cold-war-anaut Vladimir Putin a makeover. With my BA in International Relations, I feel pretty darn qualified in saying that all aggression coming from Russia is being caused by Comrade Putin's low self-esteem. Welcome in a new age of global peace and prosperity while you gaze on new-look Putin. Complete with fresh new haircut, flat chest, flawless complexion and of course - glow in the dark, irradiated nipples.


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