06 February 2015

Class of Winter 15

It is my turn to write a blog post again but I have been so caught up with the amount of work (seriously, there's loads) that I really don't know what to write about. As a result, I will write a list. I've found that they're great for when ideas are scarce and as I mentioned in my first post I like them, so here is another one. We learnt how to write them in HTML this week, which was thoroughly exciting.

I've always been an observer as opposed to a talker, so I will share with you some very brief insights into what I've picked up about my classmates. These observations are incredibly brief and I must reiterate that my fellow PMAers are much more three-dimensional than this but just so you get a tiny little taste of who we all are and maybe an idea of what goes on (apart from work), here we go:

-Pauline, 35, French. Thought she was 36.
-Carmela, 24, only half Spanish. Shorthand whizz-kid
-Emily S, 22, loves a cute kitten pic and a pretty Instagram
-Helena, 23, creator of target reader James. Loves waffles and pugs.
-Mike, 22, pensions expert. Crossword ruiner.
-Emily C, 22, cooks vegan. Not actually vegan.
-Emily H, 28, theatre lover. Drones expert.
-Alice, 24, hilarious in shorthand. Russell Brand enthusiast.
-Layla, 22, serial interviewee. Very tired.
-Adam, 24, pub-goer. Uses Simpsons GIFs well.
-Rob, 21, northerner. Definite Swiftie.

One day, I will write a blog post that doesn't have a Taylor Swift reference. Today is not that day.

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