12 February 2015

Brief respite from worrying immediately followed by more worrying.

So after I posted all my tips for future PMAers on here, the #adviceforyoungjournalists went viral. I'm taking this as a direct result of my advice list, and that I started a world wide Twitter trend.
Hopefully now someone from Buzzfeed will recognise my ability to create viral trends and give me a job compiling amusing lists of cats forever more.

I didn't even remember THE most important for tip for people doing this course: cutting through spoons opposite is an amazing shortcut to Victoria station.

This week has been slighttttttttly calmer. I've even been home by 6.30 AND seen a friend not from the course.

We've been working on our second features and getting things on to the app. It's nice to compare where we were two weeks ago to where we are now-magically it all seems to have come together out of the chaos. Richard the Indesign magician has made it all look quite impressive.

However, next week is  PLACEMENT, thankfully giving me another thing to drive myself mad worrying about. If there is one skill I definitely have, it's worrying. It's Thursday and the whole idea of placement makes me want to hide under my desk. I won't even have Carmella, my voice of wisdom and sanity to talk me around.

In an attempt to shake off our reputation as the most boring PMA group ever, on Friday we are going OUT. To a CLUB.  I have completely forgotten how to socialise outside of the PA building or with people not from the course. I might get my shorthand book out on the dance floor or accidentally start transcribing the music. Quite looking forward to see how stroppy the boys get after a drink though (they're a stroppy bunch.)

Probably I am supposed to talk about all the educational things we're doing rather than our going plans but whatever.

Feelings on placement as expressed through the medium of Kanye. 

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