05 February 2015

Already a month!

We have been all 12 together in one room for a month now. We have shared hundreds of chocolate biscuits alongside with ugly germs, phone interview anguishes, short hand despair, and the joy of seeing the “approval” box ticked on our stories.

And that is an awfully long sentence (nb: max 20 words for a sentence)!

But the truth is that after a month, my brain feels like gelatine and the lack of sleep makes me look like this:

So what have we written in a month?
- 12 News stories
- 2 Features
- 6 subbing
For the magazine we are launching:
- 2 features (not finished!)
- 3 News (not finished either!!!)

And this is without counting the many version of each story we have written. Because in this course, you redo your copy until it is (almost) perfect!

If this does not look enough for you, think that we have done it while also attending the following:
- 4 news courses
- 4 feature courses
- 1 interviewing course
- 1 blogging course
- 2 social media and web analytics courses
- 2 video courses
- 1 podcast course
- 2 grammar course
- 2 media law courses
- 3 subbing courses
- 1 headline and proofreading course
- 1 infographic course
- 1HTML/CMS course
- 1 design course
- And…19 shorthand courses!!!!!!!

And do not forget:
- 3 shorthand exams
- 1 Media law exam

After writing that list, I feel like a “sort of” wonder woman. But don’t be fooled, I feel as energetic as a 90 years old granny and I look like like s**t!

I think the course should include some free concealers (because Photoshop will not help you). And I also vote for a rejuvenating mask treatment at the end of month 2!

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