10 February 2015

Advice for Young Journalists

Right now, the hashtag #AdviceForYoungJournalists is trending on Twitter. I, of course, submitted something hilarious, but aside from that there genuinely was some good advice on my feed.

It's never as good or bad as you think it is. Work hard. Be passionate. Want it more. Always be grateful.

You're never good as you think. You're never bad as you feel. Your perception is not reality.

It's pronounced gif with a hard g.

Learn something from every rewrite, re-edit, or rejection. It's not personal.

My advice is simple: have fun.
The PMA course has been so stressful at times that we've all had some teary moments. I had mine last week, and it was quite embarrassing! But despite that, it's been hilarious. We've had such a laugh in this little computer room, singing Frozen songs and hysterically giggling in shorthand class. It wouldn't be possible without seeing the funny side, we'd all just spontaneously combust from tiredness and stress, which wouldn't be good at all.

Have fun, see the funny side, and when you have a crying episode in the toilets, have some mates there to laugh at your gross mascara. There's my advice for you, little fledgeling PMAers.

And most importantly, develop some wicked GIF skills, you're gunna need them.

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