19 January 2015

Week Two

Week two and I've learnt to put gifs in this thing, so don't say we don't learn anything. I can now express myself through pictures of Kim Kardashian, my preferred way of communicating.

Just in case you were thinking wow this Emily girl is keen, she's always updating the blog-there are three of us. I thought it was time for a quick guide to the Emilys so you can tell us apart:

Emily S (me) : tall, lipstick fan
Emily C: little, also a lipstick fan, runs a cool vegan blog
Emily H: theatre and Lidl enthusiast

This week has been quite up and down. I thought after being the first one to go and have a little cry in the toilets I might have unleashed the groups' emotions but everyone else is holding it together.

Nothing like crying in front of 11 people you don't know that well as a bonding experience.

Anyway, yesterday we redeemed ourselves slightly in the eyes of Tom the film man by making a pretty good podcast. We picked a topic and then recorded a twenty minute discussion. Then we trimmed the twenty minutes of audio down to three and even managed some fades and jingles.

Today has been spent editing Friday's video footage ( if you end up doing this on the next course, GET LOTS OF B ROLL. LOTS. MORE THAN YOU THINK.)

Back to editing now.

(p.s Keith if you're reading I think I need an apostrophe refresher course.)

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