25 January 2015

They'll tell you I'm insane.

Well, since I last posted a LOT has happened. You may have noticed the amount of tired/stressed GIFs on the blog of late and I'm afraid this post is no different. Apparently, 13 days without a day off is too long for us to remain in an enthusiastic, sensible mood. We've gone from singing Let It Go loudly and keeping on top of re-subs in a blissful state of excitement and wonder to near complete insanity.

For some reason, we are now taking ridiculous BuzzFeed quizzes (comment with what organ you are), talking about pointer dogs for far too long, crying with laughter over one of us disappearing to the floor to rescue a trapped coat during shorthand, making hilarious podcasts ("This is very insensitive.") and mourning our beloved target reader James.

As well as the hilarious stupidity, we have been extremely busy this week. Some of the work has required us to actually talk to people. People we don't know. In other countries. On the phone. A lot.

As it turned out, some of us were actually pros at doing this and the rest of us got good. However, features writing is actually a lot more stressful than I imagined it would be but as with most things, it has now all come together. For me at least. For those of you who are still working today, I salute you and wish you all the best.

This is being written on Sunday. Our first day off in 13 days and I am just about to do absolutely nothing with my day. Until you start this course, you have no idea how wonderful that is. Happy Sunday, friends!

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