13 January 2015

The cold never bothered me anyway

I'm afraid I wasn't not going to use that as it combines two of my favourite things in the world. Also, it's kind of a motto that we should all live by especially when writing stuff online. The title of this post also had to be jammed in here somehow. So now, we've got all that out of the way.

Although I have been a blogger for almost 10 years (that sounds terrifying!), this is actually pretty new to me because I have never used Blogger as a platform. It has always been Livejournal (yeah, I was one of THOSE 15 year olds with too many feelings and a huge craving for attention) and WordPress, which I still use -to prospective bloggers out there, it's definitely the best.

So here I am aimlessly bashing out a blog post cause it's my turn to, so I guess I'd better say something of value or entertainment.

The first week on the course has definitely passed by in a blur. I like lists, so what better time to have one! So far, we have:

-submitted 12 news stories -some of which have caused hysterical laughing fits

-got confused over the seemingly random "rules" of shorthand

-ran around the city desperately trying to find people who don't run away at the sight of notepads

-ran around the city a second time looking for anything that might constitute an interesting news story

-failed and succeeded to complete crosswords

-been awful at spelling

-spent a day learning how terrifyingly creepy social media really is.

-discovered how mellow we are compared to the last course (apparently) but you know, refer to the mantra at the top of this post!

But despite all this, as someone who hasn't always found it easy to fit in, I've noticed that what happens when you get 12 young wannabe journos in a room, who have all struggled to nail their dream jobs, is a united front against the world and a raging hunger to reach for the stars. 12 different personalities, backgrounds and interests which are somehow, a little bit, the same and to be honest, that's something pretty special.

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