12 January 2015

Right Then, Week Two.

Appreciate weekends. They really are something you only appreciate once you're without them. Here on the course our weekends were spent desperately scrambling for social media stories, and begging strangers to tell us something close to publishable.

Monday morning delivered news that Chudy and Alice had managed to get one of their submissions accepted. Needless to say, they were greeted as heroes.

There. I'm using Gifs. Happy now?

Anyway, the agenda of the day was social media.
Much of they day involved being encouraged to fear it. The rest was spent learning how to use it in equally terrifying (yet admittedly effective) ways. Seriously, look up rapportive.com - It's pretty messed up.

In other news, Crossword Club hit a new low today. 'Small slender dog - 7 letters' really rocked the group's confidence. Whether or not the club will survive the ordeal is not yet known.

Anyway, I'm off to get some hot, black water from the machine. It will be cold day in hell when I spend more than 10p on a coffee. I'll stop rambling now as I feel like this post is long enough.

Cheers - Mike.

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