24 January 2015

"I'm a kidney. What bodily organ are you?"

An important question raised by my colleague Helena just last night. Thirteen straight days at the Press Association has taken quite the toll on our fragile little minds, and the many distractions offered by the internet prove too much for some. 

The Buzzfeed quiz in question revealed that I am a spleen. 
The quiz offers no explanation as to why my personality is best described as being spleen-like. So, with my new found journalistic skills I took to Wikipedia:

"The spleen synthesizes antibodies in its white pulp and removes antibody-coated bacteria. It can be removed without causing death."

I'm relatively useful but ultimately expendable. My mum would be so proud.

That blow to my confidence was only softened by the fact that several other PMA-ers were also described as being like the spleen. The Buzzfeed quiz looked deep into our souls for our purpose and worth and clearly wasn't impressed by what it found.

On a brighter note, the magazine seems to be coming together. We even sound like we have a clue what we're talking about when on the phone to genuine experts in fields like robotics or 'future foods'. Sometimes though, it's best just to admit you're out of your depth.

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