29 January 2015

Grammar Grammar Grammar

Do you think you're good at grammar?

Well, you're not.

We've been doing subbing for the last few days, and although I really enjoy it, it's a bit of a blow to the self-esteem to realise you've been spelling basic things wrong for your entire life.
I thought I was great at grammar, having been relentlessly teased for my nerdiness at school, but apparently we're all terrible.

It's taken me three weeks to learn how to spell the word accommodation.

On the plus-side, crossword club is really kicking it up a notch with the help of Keith. On the first week we could barely finish the "Take a Break" puzzles, now we're on the Telegraph, bitch.

We also lost our minds doing our first short-hand speed test today. It was horrible. There was a lot of nervous giggling and pained expressions all round.

Oh well, at least we've got our rich and flourishing social lives to look forward to at the end of a long day. Oh no wait.

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