10 January 2015

Friday was the most busy day so far. We did five news stories and wrote over 1,100 words. That's quite a big step up from the 150 words we wrote on Tuesday!

All our pieces were based information we received from attending mock press conferences. The first story was about a group of thieves who stole an ATM machine from an Asda store. The other four were based on a rolling story about a mass murderer.

So what pearls of of wisdom have I learnt about how to handle press conferences?

1.  Not thinking of questions to ask until after the press conference is over isn't very useful.

2. Not spelling people's names correctly isn't very useful either

3. Attending four press conferences in a row makes trainee journalists go crazy. By the end of it we were all laughing at the fact that a policeman had been shot. Don't ask my why, I don't know either.

Going by our current trajectory we'll all Jack from The Shining by week 3.

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