11 January 2015

End of week 1

This was my first week as a trainee journalist and 17 people have been murdered in terrorist attacks in France, including French journalists and cartoonists working for the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. I happen to be French, and Charlie Hebdo was the first newspaper I read when I was a teenager. Cabu, one of the cartoonist killed, used to work in "Récré A2", a TV programme for children that everyone in  my generation watched when we were kids.

This week, it has been hard to concentrate. How do you write about chocolate bunnies and parenting classes when stuff like this happens that feel so close to you? When preparing our first Vox Pop, several of us wanted to ask people about the killings in Paris, but we were told it was too early for us to deal with such a sensitive issue. Frustrating, but quite understandable.

And that made me think. It should be part of any journalism course to learn how to interview people who are traumatised, and how to deal with the trauma we can have as a consequence of doing our job.


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