07 January 2015

Day two of a journalism course is probably as good as time as any to finally stop saying ' oh i might sort of..might want to be a journalist..but it probably won't happen ' and start saying I am going to be a journalist (if Roberta has anything to do with it.)

Its also day two of some pretty severe sleep deprivation after I was so nervous about oversleeping my brain's woken me up on the hour every hour for two nights. All good practise for weeks eight and nine.

Reassuringly everyone seems nice and normal rather than the shorthand fluent robots who already know everything there is to know about everything I was expecting.

Lesson number one: it's okay not to know right now.

After a gentle first day of getting to know each other and what we've actually let ourselves in for, today was the first day of doing actual real journalisty stuff (the technical term.)

Richard the nice shorthand man took it easy with us. I'd had visions of him throwing us straight in to speed development exercises but thankfully we just recapped some nice basic things. He also revealed that some people actually collect shorthand, which is probably the most surprising thing I've learnt so far.

Roberta then got us writing some 50 word stories. I was convinced for a while the word count on this fancy mac was broken, but nope 50 words really is about two lines. Still, writing about the infamous chocolate bunny murder brightened things up.

Still veering widely between thinking I can definitely do this and oh god how will I ever do this.

Note to self: stay out of Pret because that way financial ruin lies.

( I would put a funny picture in but I don't know how to do it so I'll have to ask the other Emily tomorrow.

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