09 January 2015

Day four of the journalism course and I’m already getting used to barely seeing daylight.

We started off the day with shorthand which is surprisingly turning into one of the more relaxing (!) parts of the day – something I definitely didn’t expect before I came.

We then practiced our interviewing skills by doing vox pops in the area. I was initially quite hesitant at talking to people in case they thought we were trying to flog them sliced lemons (think I’ve been watching too much Apprentice...) but it actually ended up being a lot more fun.

Particularly so when somebody actually responded with something interesting!

Note to self: don’t approach quick walkers!

We then spent the rest of the day writing up the quotes, going through the marked press releases and chasing up placements.  

All in all, a successful day but I'm still yet to brave the coffee machine...

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