17 January 2015

Day 13

Today I was going to post a video blog, but my camera broke. I feel like that's an ominous sign for tomorrow and Monday's editing classes. I will most likely suck at making technology work.

It's a shame, it had effects and everything.

Today, as with every Saturday, we had grammar lessons, one-to-ones and general catch-ups. In our case it was to go over what we'd planned for our magazine and then frantically re-write our news story re-submissions. Who knew writing about elderly arsonists and ASDA heists could be so difficult?

Then had to start applying for scary real-life journalism jobs. Like a legitimate adult human. That's quite terrifying.

Anyway, to end our lovely Saturday and (pretty much) then end of week two, I will leave you with a GIF of some short-hand practice I was doing today... Yeah, I can make GIFs now. This is a proud moment for me.

Emily C x

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