01 September 2014

off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of JOBS

Here we are in our final week, trekking towards financial freedom (lols we dream). I'll leave everyone to decide who they are in this pic. But I think it's fairly obvious. (I'm Owl.)

We're at a crossroads, you might say. (Altho why would you say that? Too cheesy, man.)

There are so many industries and types of magazines to write for, we're really just kids in a candy store (or in the young adult section of a book store by the look of this pic). Even just picking stuff to apply for has its own special thrill.

It's a fairly exciting ole time to be us. 

I just hope everyone still wants to hang out with me when they're big fancy journalists working for the publications of their dreams (or when they've sold their souls to the Mail Online/Buzzfeed if you're Kasia). 
Whichever comes first. 

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