29 August 2014


There comes a time post-uni when you think you might be done with all nighters.

Then you find yourself pulling an all nighter. At PA. On a Thursday.



The last person to leave the building (other than us) shut the lights off around 3am and boy was he surprised to hear our squeals. Pitch black PA is scary, kay?

As for the PA building itself... 


There is a very boring backstory as to why an all nighter was necessary... But I will save you that trauma. Needless to say it involved a very sad macbook, 2 features, a news story and an event write up.

Me and Rudy decided to record the night of panic because we were pretentious and self-obsessive enough to think it would be vaguely amusing to watch as a time lapse.

If that footage ever gets edited I will post it here.

Goodnight, fair maidens, goodnight. 

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