31 August 2014

The Forced Final Blog Entry

So it’s been about a month since I wrote a blog and now Roberta’s on our case to get cracking. The pattern from previous courses has been replicated in ours; started off all keen before entries gradually became ever more sporadic as the work piled up and the average hours of sleep per night dropped off a sharp cliff.

I’ll try and jog my memory into what’s happened since. I may even add in photos or videos in the upcoming week (but given there are exams, I make no promises)…

I think it was around week 5 when it all seemed to click. I somehow managed to get the majority of my resubs done, do my second iPad feature in a matter of days and even have a somewhat random evening out at the cycling show with Kasia and free Nando’s with Livs.

Placement followed and that was great. Got to talk and write about sport all day (what’s not to love?) after six weeks of being locked away with a bunch of people who absolutely HATE sport (although they know I love them all – well, almost all of them).

This has been a good weekend. The crucial red folder has been completed and both Liverpool & Barnet won (with the latter topping the league). I still need to conjure up some contacts to reach 100 in the little blue book but I am optimistic that some miracle may occur within the next few hours.

Anyway, this time next week it’ll all be over and we’ll have gone our separate ways. Into the rat race we shall go… until I win Euromillions or strike it rich on Bet365 one day.

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