31 August 2014

T-Minus 5 Days Remaining (or, How To Resume "Normal" Transmission)

KEYWORDS: Rudy Katoch, wit, Multimedia Journalist, trainee journalist, Press Association.

It's Rudy Katoch. I will not write a listicle. But I will use SEO, .gifs, and wit.

So, I sat this afternoon employed in deliberating on which, among the various subjects that occurred to my imagination, I should bestow the PMA blog today. 

After a short effort of meditation by which nothing was determined, I grew every moment more irresolute, my ideas wandered from the first intention, and I rather wished to think, than thought upon any settled subject; till at last I was awakened from this dream of study by a deadline: the time was come for which I had been thus negligently purposing to provide, and, however dubious or sluggish, I was now necessitated to write on being a multimedia journalist.

Though to a trainee journalist whose design is so comprehensive and miscellaneous that he may accommodate himself with a topic from every scene of life, or view of nature, it is no great aggravation of his task to be obliged to a sudden composition; yet I could not forbear to reproach myself for having so long neglected what was unavoidably to be done, and of which every moment's idleness increased the difficulty. 

There was however some pleasure in reflecting that I, who in the last days become so ill that he had only trifled till diligence was necessary, might still congratulate myself upon my superiority to multitudes who have trifled till diligence is vain; who can by no degree of activity or resolution recover the opportunities which have slipped away; and who are condemned by their own carelessness to hopeless calamity and barren sorrow.

Being at the Press Association has taught me about the folly of allowing ourselves to delay what we know cannot be finally escaped is one of the general weaknesses which, in spite of the instruction of Robert Cohen, and the remonstrances of my Mum and Dad, prevail to a greater or lesser degree in every mind; even they who most steadily withstand it find it, if not the most violent, the most pertinacious of their passions, always renewing its attacks, and, though often vanquished, never destroyed.

Or, as Horace remarked: 
Quix scit, an adjiciant hodiernae crastina summae
Tempora Di superi! 

But better said by Francis:
 Who knows if Heaven, with ever bounteous power, 
Shall add to-morrow to the present hour?

Perhaps I should just get on with it: 
  1. Finish off my workbook and my research folder
  2. Revise for the Law, Grammar, Magazine Industry, Proofreading exams


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