30 August 2014

PLACEMENT (learned things)

Somehow managed to miss four blog posts... WHOOPS. Hope y'all are ready for some serious scraping the barrel I like to call memory. Also typos. There will be typos.

Placement was surprisingly easy.

Really, it felt great to get out into the real world and kind of prove to yourself more than anyone that you're actually a fairly shit-hot journalist now (if still a baby shit-hot journalist.)

I was nervous at first and panicked a little on day one in a new office but after some amazing words of wisdom bestowed upon me by Rudy, I too realised that I just had to get what I needed out of it. So future folks... be friendly, don't be a pushover and rock on!

My lovely placement people sent me out on some cool locations.

Things I learned at Google HQ:


Be polite to PR people and they MAY give you exclusives.


Be jovial with PR people and they MAY give you exclusives. 


Be flattering to PR people and they MAY give you exclusives. 

Downside to PR people: they will never actually give you exclusives. But free stuff is good too. 

Things I learned from fancy schmancy HP Press Conference:


Everyone was using shorthand. I'm only at 60wpm but didn't wanna stick out so did my best. 


Had to interview a lot of marketing execs. Nuff said. 


Amazing service, free cocktails, free food and new people to meet. Why stress, yo?

Overall, placement was kinda cray but in the best way. Next step is just to get through these (ridic) exams and score an actual job. 

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