30 August 2014


Apparently we're all multimedia journalist now! I guess that was always the plan but the reality hadn't dawned on me until now. Bar a few formalities (passing FIVE exams and overcoming chronic hysteria) we've pretty much made it.

*I am, of course, completely jumping the gun but it's of great comfort when the prospect of failing these exams is becoming ever greater - if you make it to week 9 you'll understand.

Anyway back to being a shit hot multimedia journalist. Having handed Roberta my complete work book, my next feat was to upload the vox pop we produced onto YouTube. And it was as I published the first piece of video journalism that I'd had a hand in producing that I realised that it had all been worth it. I was a multimedia journalist.

In celebration of all that multimedia magic here are five of my favourite multimedia things:

1.Victoria Vox Pop

This is the vox pop Liv, Rudy and I produced. Way back in July (really not that long ago but it feels it) we wrote, filmed and edited this to make our debut as video journalists. Not bad eh?

Must get round to changing the intro music.

2. Urvasi Urvasi - Humse Hai Muqabla (1994)

This is everything. To my horror, I found myself nodding my head to a Will.i.am song but thankfully this is why. (IN MY OPINION, BASED ON LOADZ OF RESEARCH) The talentless little twerp couldn't have possibly produced a great song without borrowing from a classic like this.

Also I really feel in the right circumstances Rudy and I could do great things with this... Rudy?

3.Francky Vincent - Fruit de la passion

In the absence of any kind of experience of summer I've been living vicariously through things like this. Clearly my mental stability is not an issue.

4. As Told By Ginger - Little Seal Girl

And on that note, here's one of our PA after-hours anthems.

5. Harmony Smith - HEY Vine
Although my journalism skills may have multiplied, my social skills have somewhat suffered.

*If you have noticed an absence of "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" Videos that is because I'm hoping they will soon disappear into the same internet black hole that all those "No Makeup Selfies" did (along with all those pledged donations).

**Clearly I am now a cynical multimedia journalist.