04 August 2014

Just another manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday. That's my fun day, my 'I don't have to run' day.
It's just another manic Monday.

I feel like this song was made for me right now. Basically we were given a rare day off yesterday (our fun day). But we couldn't spend it frolicking in the delightful sun, oh no, we had major preparation to do for today.

We've been busy little bees, right from 8.30am sharp (Richard likes it when we're prompt).
First there was shorthand, then the media law mock exam, followed by a LOT of resubs. Our little newsroom was a blur as we were frantically trying to contact new sources for our features while doing a million other things.

The media law exam went better than expected, though. I seemed to have absorbed more than I realised. Perhaps it's because Ade so kindly reminded us that if we don't learn this stuff, we are most likely to get sued in our later career. Just a little bit of an incentive, then.

After all, the defences for defamation really don't seem to work in the journalist's favour. So let's just all tell the truth and try not to be too nasty in the way we deliver it. That way we can defend ourselves with our right to freedom of speech (thanks for that, Human Rights Act of 1998) and the fact that it's true. I think it's only in the public interest anyway.

That's right, I know my stuff.

Well, not all my stuff. I'm pretty sure I haven't passed as I only started revising yesterday (I'm not ashamed to admit this, we were all pretty late on the revision front). But I feel like this mock has already made me realise what I do/don't know, so I'm going to start revising for the real thing in plenty of time. Don't want to be failing at the last hurdle after nine weeks of hard slog.

On a lighter (but still very important) note, today Queen B released the remix of Flawless, featuring Nicki Minaj. Here's a link for you to listen to while you read the rest of this post. It really will brighten your day so I'll keep it short:


Most of us are spending the evening trying to learn Nicki's rap, and I've stuck the single cover above my computer to provide me with motivation throughout the day:

I really can't think of anything else we've done today. I'm so sleepy I can barely remember what I had for lunch. All I know is that it involved Red Bull – yep, it's getting to the stage where we're in need of serious caffeine.

So we've sung, we've danced, we've sat exams. We've gossiped and giggled and actually done quite a lot of work. We're all getting a little delirious, in case you couldn't tell.

We're over halfway through now. Welcome to week five, I guess.

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