21 August 2014


Imagine us as foetuses incubated in the most intense and secure Press Association womb; warm, comfortable, our development near complete, our respective umbilical cords now well intwined.

Still with me?

Well mumma Roberta has cut the cords and shipped her baby journos out into the working world. 

The first week of placement is almost up and it's been strange coping without my PA people. Being back at ELLE with six weeks of 24-7 journalism training under my belt has felt pretty good but going it alone has reminded me of the big bad world that awaits us in just a few weeks. 

If Roberta will remember her Summer 2014 flock for one thing it'll be how well we all got on. Although none of us have taken our "special friendships" to the next level (thank God) and we've pretty much rejected all of Tom's invitations to the pub, it's been nice* to be amongst friends. 

*Minus the "Lad Chart", curated by our "Lad Editor" (Aka another man without a purpose) 

It's made this process a whole lot easier, even if it might have slowed down our productivity. Luckily, life at ELLE hasn't been too lonely as I had a few allies already and hot-desking* means a fresh batch of desk buddies everyday. 

*Hot-desking also means feeling homeless at work. Make of it what you will - it's modern!

A week away from PA has given me the time and space to revaluate a lot of things. I really value the work that we've produced collaboratively, particularly on Industries 2 Invest In (our app). I can see why there is such an emphasis on being "team-players". 

No man is an island and no magazine was produced by one (wo)man.

But I am island-ing it for these two weeks and there's still the obituary to write (not mine - maybe mine) and the review and it's bank holiday weekend and that means Notting Hill Carnival. 

Being out in the real world is bittersweet. 

This can be read as a) Roberta engulfing us once again or
b) Us meeting our fateful end. 

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