17 August 2014

Day 41, Night 42: Last Blog Before Placement

Collating all Photo Booth selfies from the previous 41 days as a .gif would have been a fitting way to end this part of my training at the Press Association. But I thought I'd graft myself onto a Laure Prouvost.

Corrupting the original title, I'll use this post as an opportunity to remember rather than forget all the things I need to do this because I feel quite...

...this evening. Well, ever since I was made editor. And this includes writing this post, as well as another - possibly tomorrow.

It's an effervescence that isn't necessarily conducive for anything related to work. Actually, I've just remembered that I have to finish subbing my leader for Industries 2 Invest In - our iPad magazine app.  

But, looking at the time, I'm reminded that in less than 24 hours, I will be asleep and soon waking to my first day of placement. For the next two weeks, I'll be at The Bookseller writing about - you guessed it - books and their future. I talk about their past too: remember my podcast with Rosie Clarke about Virginia Woolf a few weeks ago?

TfL the route. Dry clean my shirts. Formulate pitches for news and features. I should do that tomorrow afternoon...

...Then there's all the news and subbing resubmissions need to be finalised by Wednesday. But, we're also having to write an obituary (not my own, but someone from the DeathList 2014) and a review during the next two weeks.

I may review FKA twigs' 2014 debut LP1 as the next logical step from Bjork's 1997 Homogenic. It is (yet again) something which reminds of something I had forgotten. The congruency is there. You can see and hear it below:

Aside from all this, I need to make sure my work and research portfolios are up-to-date and that by the 30th August I have filled my contact book with a 100 contacts. I shouldn't forget the shorthand, media law, grammar, magazine industry, proofreading exams to revise for... 

...I'm realising this post has become more of an aide-mémoire for me: of what I need to do and - when I look back - of what I had to do.

A final thing to remember: the very desk I am working at. You can hover over each item to see them in detail (so not to forgot).

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