16 July 2014

Week Two at PA aka the Photobooth Association

I'm back for my second post and this week we discovered photobooth - SORRY
Nicholas (in green) was particularly happy, Kaltrina and Sam less so.

Feeling left out, I decided to start documenting writing news pieces (see below) and short snappy news has been proving more difficult than any of us anticipated. Those snippets of news you might read half of in the Metro on your way to work are hard to write people (if you want to write them well and Roberta's your editor) 
I find myself sprouting Roberta's journo gospel even when I don't want to hear it. "But how the hell are we moving the story forward guys?" It's starting to feel like we're stuck on a loop and some news just won't "move forward".

That being said today I had my first news story accepted (with minor amendments needed obvs) but still 50 odd words of progress and I didn't even make it to a third attempt. This feels like a milestone but it's becoming apparent that it'll mean nothing in the very near future. 

Talking of the future this week we met chief chimpanzee Darshan Sanghrajka who according to his twitter bio is a "stand up, economist, creative, marketing strategist, social impact person" and sexist (just kidding Darshan - wow women aren't funny). He was great and taught us all about Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as we now call it. Thanks to him we're all pretty fluent in social media. For some of us (Olivia) SEO stands more for Stalking Energy Optimisation and for others (Sam) meeting Darshan meant losing their twitter virginity. Sam's yet to tweet but I heard he's totes getting Instagram ####

Anyway back to the Photobooth Association...
I finally plucked up the courage to ask to borrow Olivia's glasses. As a blind person without glasses this is pretty big.  
Then this guy started paining the computer room door... 
And the fumes got pretty intense.... 
And I started to feel pretty intense. 
He did't seem to care that I had "serious" Photobooth work to do.
I got a little desperate....
Then we become pals! #fumes #friends

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