22 July 2014

Over Heard at PMA

It's Tuesday of week 3 and we are all tired already (or maybe it's just me). We had Sunday off to catch up on work that we are yet to complete but for me the day was better spent in a TV-induced coma. I had my laptop next to me with the best intentions of doing re-subs but it didn't happen. However I like to think that being the first day off in an intense two week we were all entitled to do nothing for a day.

Kaltrina, Nicholas and I were filming a voxpop about street food on Friday and although we got warned by four different security guards in various locations for filming without permission it was a lot of fun. At first we headed Borough Market in London Bridge to get shots of street food, when we got kicked out we decided to do as many interviews as possible and then head to a different market closer to the office for the food shots. BUT when we got there the stools were all packing up early due to a power cut, just to make things harder for us. 

We're moving onto features this week which most people and I'm not sure what to expect in terms of whether I'll like them or not but we'll see. I think most of us are expecting the worst and that they will just make for longer and more complicated resubs. 

I think one problem we have as a group is talking to much, and I will confess to being one of the main instigators of this. But as the work piles up we're all getting a bit delirious and the conversation is getting a bit weird, again mostly on my part. Here are some examples of stupid things said/questions asked in the office:

"Would you rather be morbidly obese or have cancer?" (me)

"Isn't it funny how chilli and chilly are totally opposite things?" (me)

"My best friend was a fireplace when I was a kid." (Rosie) 

"How can I open a banana like that without a knife?" (me)

"Put the cat in the bag and the bag in the river." (Kaltrina)

"Would you rather have no nipples or no big toes" (me)

"I'm what they call an otter." (Rudy)

"Bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh." (Kasia/Kesh)

"I need to keep my prison wife in check" (Kasia/Kesh)

"Why do male humans have nipples and male dogs don't?" (me)

"You're not the prison pimp, you don't own me." (Olivia)

Then when Roberta walks back in the room we all get back to pretending to work and life goes on.

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  1. I would like to make it clear that many of these things, if no all of them happened after Tuesday 22nd July. Ethically and legally the author of this piece should make this clear.
    See you in court.


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