19 July 2014

So we're coming up to week 3 and the pressure is piling on.  We've just began features and they're providing a change of pace from news stories.  Background research is now a must so there's that added challenge but we're here to learn.

We also have to do a witter and profile piece for this weekend.  The main problem is trying to find someone to interview before the deadline.  For some reason everyone I know has decided not to answer their messages which is really helpful.  That's probably another lesson to prepare us for the cold lonely world of journalism.

I'm really sorry how dull and incoherent this blog is but I am exhausted right now.  We've all been researching, writing and trying to find leads all day not to mention we haven't slept properly since the course began.  If we can get through this then our first job will be disneyland.

On a final note we were learning about the importance of grammar last week and I came across this fine example of what not to do.

This is why punctuation is important

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