21 July 2014

shorthand and features and news, oh my!

Sunburn's a bitch. Sunstroke is worse. 

Can you tell I was wearing a necklace that day?

Officially not a fan of voxpops. But guys, guys! We learnt how to use a camera. Thanks to our lovely guest tutor, Tom. Camera stuff. 'Twas schweeeet. Lots of people out on the street were happy to chat, many more were not. Sam was particularly ace when dealing with those people. (Ha.) Blayne enjoyed laughing at my sunburnt misery. (Boo.) I wanted to join the cranky old dude sitting in Hyde Park with the neck beard and the awesome hat. That guy had his priorities in order.

Curse you, Covent Garden, curse you and your sunny open spaces. 

Few updates from moi: still have yet to submit an acceptable news story (am now doubting I ever knew what news was or indeed that I can write), and am enjoying shorthand mostly because Richard is a legend but also because I secretly pretend I'm in Ancient Egypt learning hieroglyphics during class (totally makes it more fun). 

Features, yo. This week has been a wild ride so far. Who knew coming up with feature ideas would be so tricky?.. Am currently trying to find people to profile and fear I may have to resort to one of my imaginary friends. Jus' kiddin' there's always that neck beard dude from the park... Seriously think we could all learn a thing or two from him. 

One can only hope that by the end of the course we'll be as wise. 

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