10 July 2014

Our exciting journey

It's day four of our journey together, our quest to make it big in the exciting world of magazine journalism. And 'exciting' is the word.

Already we've done news stories. Already we've taken on press releases, already we've had a dabble at vox pops. And already we're talking about placements. Our skills are starting to take shape (If only the same could be said for our shorthand).

The schedule is, as promised, intensive. Crazy amounts of homework. Juggling deadlines, handling projects, each demanding your full attention. I feel I've achieved something just by making it to day five, if I'm spared. But hey, if this is what the industry is like, bring it on.

In fact, I think we're all thankful that Roberta has been so honest about what it's really like out there. Her inside knowledge is priceless. She's pushing us hard to get up to speed with the pace of a magazine, especially when it has a big online remit. Long may she reign.

The other 'exciting' thing about our group is that already we are working closely together. I guess we have a lot in common. We all want to succeed in the course. Because we all want to get that elusive first job. We all know that pressure which sometimes quells the fire to advance and win.

Also, we all suck at the same things. The same weaknesses are being rooted out each day, the same rules being instilled. Apparently we are equally defiant about using the style guide correctly. It's a common trait. It is 'our' experience.

So this is our journey so far. I hope you can join us. More from me in a few days time...

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