24 July 2014

Our editor has never been to Nando's...

So it’s the middle of week 3 of the course… and no-one has cried yet. Cranky? Yes. Stressed? Yes. Discussing what animals each one of us are? Hell yeah. But tears? Nope.

It’s been pretty hot this past week. There are several things that have happened where I’ve thought at the time “that’d be good to include in the blog” but here I am at 11pm on blogging day and my mind is blank.

We voted in our editor for the iPad mag on Saturday and Rudy was unanimously chosen – think it was pretty clear from day one he was the guy... HOWEVER… it was only after the election that we discovered he’s never been to Nando’s. Not sure I can comprehend this. No really, what? For a man with one giant lexicon and who is mad cultured, HOW CAN HE HAVE NEVER BEEN TO NANDO’S???

Speaking of food, we took Tom’s Wagamamas virginity this week. Personally, I quite like food. A lot. Coming up below is a selection of photos to define the week. Not included is Kasia’s masterpiece she created today of what we all look like as animals. So if that’s not an incentive to tune in for tomorrow’s blog, I don’t know what is! We've also been shown evidence of how Roberta is the Godmother of the PMA journalist mafia with links in pretty much every publication.

Oh, and I'll shamelessly promote by own blog... F1 Power Rankings

Photo of the week: KB & Livsta
Finally got round to having some/several drinks

This was very much needed.

This little guy was so tasty
So much happiness
Cabin fever sets in...

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